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UK biofuels consumption rises in April

23 May 2012, 3.18 pm GMT

UK biofuels consumption rises in April

London, 23 May (Argus) — UK biodiesel consumption rose for a second consecutive month in April as ethanol consumption and biodiesel demand grew on the back of higher motor fuel consumption.

Biodiesel consumption rose to about 87,420t in April up from 60,930t in March, according to the latest data from the country's customs authority.

Consumption in the four-month period to April stood at just under 300,000t compared with around 210,000t in the year-earlier four-month period.

The introduction of double counting for biofuels derived from waste and residues helped to spur biodiesel consumption in the UK, after the tax rebate of 20p/litre fell away in April.

UK ethanol consumption in April rose to 53,990t, up from 47,600t in March.

Bioethanol consumption rose last year by 3.4pc to 652mn l from 631mn l in 2010 — a new record high — while biodiesel consumption fell on the year by 11.5pc to 925mn l from 1,045mn l in 2010.

Ethanol accounted for 3.3pc of transport fuel consumption in 2011, and biodiesel for 3.6pc of diesel, leaving the overall contribution of biofuels to the motor fuels sector at 3.5pc.

UK ethanol consumption last year was spurred by relatively cheaper imports of E90 ethanol/gasoline blends into the UK from the US.

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