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CPA ships first ethanol cargo from Paranagua terminal

6 Jun 2012, 7.48 pm GMT

Sao Paulo, 6 June (Argus) — Brazil's CPA Armazens Gerais began operating its dedicated ethanol export terminal at the port of Paranagua in Parana state on 5 June, with an initial shipment 5,000m³ (31,448 bl) going to Ulsan, South Korea.

Terminal construction was finished at the end of last year, but there had been no exports until now because of a decline in output that limited supplies available for export. CPA said it will send another shipment of 20,500m³ to Jamaica later this week.

The company expects to export 400,000m³ of ethanol from the terminal this year, according to CPA director Persio Souza de Assis.

The facility has seven storage tanks with a capacity of 53,200m³.

Ethanol shipments from Brazil's center-south region are seen falling to 1.7bn l (10.7mn bl) this season due to strong local demand, according to Unica, the association which represents sugar and ethanol producers in Brazil's center south. Half these exports will go to the US as an advanced biofuel, under the Renewable Fuels Act.

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