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Dakotas’ corn crop improves

10 Sep 2012, 8.26 pm GMT

Houston, 10 September (Argus) — Expected corn conditions in the US Dakotas improved markedly over the last week despite ongoing drought.

The percentage of the North Dakota crop expected to be good or excellent climbed 7pt compared to last week to 54pc, as surveyors shifted more of the crop out of poor and fair categories, according to the latest US Department of Agriculture crop progress report

South Dakota corn improved 14pt to 21pc good or excellent, with a large gain in the percentage of corn considered good.

Overall conditions in the 18 major corn producing states remained steady at dismal. Just 22pc of the crop in those states is considered good or excellent, compared to 53pc last year. Only 48pc of the crop in those states is considered fair, compared to 80pc in 2011.

Conditions in Iowa improved very slightly, higher by 3pt over last week to 16pc good or excellent. Illinois and Indiana each improved 1pt over the same period, to 5pc and 9pc good to excellent, respectively.

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