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Pemex's natgas output, imports fall in April

30 May 2017 15:25 (+01:00 GMT)
Pemex's natgas output, imports fall in April

Houston, 30 May (Argus) — Mexico's state-run Pemex produced 5.33 Bcf/d of natural gas in April, 0.9pc less than in March and down by 9.9pc on April a year ago, according to data from the company's latest monthly report.

Some 81pc of total production was associated gas, while the remaining 19pc was non-associated gas.

The reduction reflects a declining trend in gas production that began in 2014, after the government enacted a ground-breaking energy reform that ended Pemex's monopoly and encouraged imports.

Since then, Pemex has increased its imports of US gas through a growing network of cross-border infrastructure.

In April, Pemex imported 1.54 Bcf/d, down by 17.9pc on March and down by 14.5pc on the same month a year ago. April's import figure is the lowest in the past 18 month because of scheduled annual maintenance along various sections of the pipeline network, Pemex told Argus. The maintenance has been concluded and Pemex said it did not affect supply to any of its customers.

Including NGLs, oil production reached 2.306mn b/d last month, down by 6.9pc from April last year.

Independents produced 34.5mn cf/d in February, down by 1.5pc on January, according to the latest available information.