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US bunker sales down in 2016: EIA

19 Dec 2017 21:56 GMT
US bunker sales down in 2016: EIA

New York, 19 December (Argus) — US marine fuel sales declined in 2016, according to data published today by the US Energy information Administration (EIA). Residual bunker fuel sales fell by 13pc to 190,585 b/d in 2016 from the year before and marine gasoil (MGO) sales declined by 7pc to 146,065 b/d.

The US Gulf coast accounted for the bulk of the US MGO sales – 60,991 b/d or 42pc. Gulf coast sales were down by 11pc. The drop can be attributed to a decline in Gulf coast diesel fuel production by 4pc in 2016 and diesel Gulf coast exports that declined only marginally in 2016 by 0.3pc from their historical peak in 2015. The EIA first began recording Gulf diesel exports in 1981. Most of the Gulf MGO demand was in the states of Louisiana (29,588 b/d) and Texas (25,206 b/d). Distillates sales were down by 2,673 b/d or 8pc in Louisiana and down by 5,091 b/d or 17pc in Texas. The biggest gains in MGO demand were seen in the state of Washington, where sales were up by 2,965 b/d to 10,705 b/d and in Florida, where sales rose 1,406 b/d to 13,730 b/d.

The west coast accounted for the bulk of US residual bunker sales – 80,474 b/d or 42pc. West coast residual bunker sales were down by 4pc from 2015. Most of the west coast demand was in the states of California (44,495 b/d) and Washington (34,422). Heavy bunker fuel sales in Washington rose by 8,447 b/d or 33pc while California sales were down by 10,509 b/d or 19pc.