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Neste to provide aviation biofuel for EU project

19 Dec 2012 16:18 GMT
Neste to provide aviation biofuel for EU project

London, 19 December (London) — Finland's Neste Oil is to provide aviation biofuel for an EU-funded project aimed at expanding the commercial development and use of such fuels across the European aviation sector.

Supported by an industry-wide consortium of commercial airlines, aircraft manufacturers and fuel companies, the 36-month Itaki project has received approximately €10mn in funding from the EU's seventh framework programme for research and development.

As part of the project, Neste will produce 4,000t of aviation biofuels, with the majority sourced from Spanish camelina oil and used cooking oil in accordance with sustainability standards mandated under the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) certification system.

The project will feed into the European Aviation Biofuels Flightpath initiative of producing 2mn t/yr of renewable fuel for airline use by 2020.

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