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German coal imports rise to record high

15 Jan 2013 11:18 GMT
German coal imports rise to record high

Hanover, 15 January (Argus) — German hard coal imports rose by 5pc to a record high of 4.1mn t in November, federal statistics office Destatis said today.

It came after October's import levels reached the highest in five years. The rising imports reflect increasing demand for coal as coal-fired power generation becomes increasingly attractive compared with gas-fired electricity production. This mainly stems from low prices for CO2 allowances and comparatively low coal prices, which have put clean dark spreads at record premiums to equivalent spark spreads.

Coal import prices fell further in November, to a 25-month low at €98.05/t ($130.90/t). Prices of coal from Colombia and Russia, Germany's second and third-largest suppliers, rose by 1pc and almost 6pc, respectively, to €75.06/t and €90.49/t. But prices of coal from the US, Germany's biggest supplier in November, were almost 3pc lower at €94.44/t. Import prices for Canada coal fell most sharply, by 14pc to €150.60/t. The US supplied 986,750t of coal to Germany in November, with Colombia providing 956,210t and Russia 763,670t.

Firms must notify Destatis of their imports each month. The agency publishes preliminary amounts, prices — including transport and insurance — and the average calorific value according to country of origin.

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