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Petrochemical Market Services

Reports and Studies

Argus Ethylene Annual

Argus Benzene Annual

Argus Butadiene Annual

Argus MTBE and High-Octane Components (Russian)

2016 Hydrocarbon Resin Annual

World Study of Benzene from Coal 2015

Argus 2016 Global Methanol Annual
This multi-client study features historic and forward-looking analysis of methanol industry supply and demand for all notable markets.

Argus Methanol Dynamics
This comprehensive study provides analysis of the global methanol market — and the fast-moving US industry.

Steam Cracking and the Impact of Shale NGLs
Argus has developed a detailed analysis of ethylene co-product markets out to 2018 to determine availability and impact in the different regions.

Related Markets Coverage

Argus provides in-depth analysis and a variety of services for:

  • Oil products: Argus publishes over 20 refined products reports, many of which include key industry index and benchmark prices. Services include prices, news, analysis, fundamental and historical data as well as regionally focused reports, consulting and events.
  • Natural gas: Argus produces daily price information for international natural gas and LNG markets as well as analytical reports and fundamental data. Argus gas prices are used by many companies in spot and term pricing, risk analysis and management, mark-to-market and strategic planning.

Download the FAQ to find out what changed in the butadiene market

Download the FAQ to learn more

Join us from 15-17 August for a comprehensive market study of the petrochemical sector

Day One: MTBE and Methanol
Day Two: Petrochemical Training
Day Three: Aromatics

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The only analyst driven event for the global petrochemical industry

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