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Argus Caspian Transportation (Argus Транспорт Каспия)

The report covers transportation markets in central Asia and the Caspian region and is published twice a month in Russian.

The swift development of infrastructure and commodity markets in central Asia and the Caspian basin has boosted the importance of price information and analysis for market participants to improve their transport operations, choose the best shipment routes and respond promptly to the changing market environment.

The report covers bulk and dry cargo shipments including crude and oil products, coal, metals, sulphur, fertilizers, petrochemical products and LPG.

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Key Features:

Rail transportation

  • monthly lease rates for railcars including tankcars, open wagons, boxcars, tankcars for petrochemical products and LPG as well as hopper cars in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia
  • monitoring of rail shipments in central Asia, covering changes in rail tariffs, data on shipments of coal, sulphur, petrochemical products and fertilizers, as well as an analysis of trade flows and information on rail congestion, conventional restrictions, etc.
  • transport tariffs and other costs

Pipeline transportation

  • transport and associated costs for pipeline shipments of crude from Kazakhstan through the Caspian Sea, Russia and China
  • tariff policy of pipeline companies and effective rates for export deliveries

Marine transport

  • demurrage rates at Caspian ports
  • benchmarking of different routes for bulk and dry cargoes
  • monthly freight rates for tanker shipments of crude, oil products and general cargoes (metals)
  • tanker freight rates

Road transportation

  • cost of fuel shipments by tanker trucks in Afghanistan
  • cost of fuel shipments by tanker trucks in Kazakhstan


  • rail imports of oil products in Kazakhstan
  • transit of oil products through Okarem
  • transshipment of crude and products at Georgian ports
  • rail transit of oil products through Kazakhstan to Central Asia
  • exports of bulk cargoes from Kazakhstan
  • loadings and deliveries at Caspian ports

Transport costs

  • crude exports from Kazakhstan
  • crude exports from Kazakhstan through Samara (Russia)
  • crude exports from Azerbaijan
  • crude exports from Turkmenistan
  • coal exports
  • metal exports
  • sulphur exports
  • fertilizer exports

The report will enable you to:

  • evaluate the freight market situation
  • compare different routes for bulk and dry cargoes
  • control shipment costs
  • track infrastructure development


  • shipping companies
  • cargo owners
  • terminal operators
  • trading firms and importers
  • regulators

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