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ARGUS Olefins Margins


The Argus Olefins Margins service is a monthly outlook service and associated dataset giving you a concise and summarized view of ethylene production economics in North America, Western Europe, Northeast Asia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The service outlines the month-to-month profitability of each feedstock and includes a three-month forecast. Cash costs and production margins are calculated using indicative Argus prices for feedstocks, ethylene, and coproducts, as well as fuel and power for each region.

Key features

  • 3-month price forecast and forward-looking analysis
  • 24 months of price history
  • Ethane, propane, butane and naphtha-based ethylene cost and margin data
  • Regional commentaries evaluating long-term and recent trends
  • Downloadable datasets

Downloadable content

  • Methodology

Key benefits

  • Benchmark cost competitiveness of ethylene production by region and feedstock
  • Anticipate increased demand for ethane, LPG and naphtha across the global market
  • Gain insight into how ethylene margins could impact coproduct markets for propylene, butadiene, raffinate and pygas
  • Identify risks and opportunities for the quarter ahead
  • Trust in global insight through a local lens delivered by Argus’ market experts based in key commodity hubs across Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific

Customers that benefit

  • LPG/NGL marketers can better anticipate implied volumes and have a view of opportunities in the quarter ahead
  • Olefins and olefin derivatives producers can benchmark themselves against generic cracker margins, assess changes in the feedstock markets and gain perspective on global positions
  • Olefins and olefin derivative buyers get transparency into producers’ costs and insight into changes over time
  • Integrated refiners gain a clearer view on cash and margin behaviour for the ethylene market as well as co-product implications

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