14 May - 15 May 2019
Houston, Texas, US

Argus Natural Gas Summit - Monetization Strategies

Connecting buyers and sellers from across the US natural gas value chain

Now in its 5th year, the Argus Natural Gas Summit provides a one-stop shop where market leaders and decision makers from across the industry meet to discuss developments in the markets. Enjoy a thought-provoking program that will provide the insight you need to understand natural gas market development.

New for this year

  • A thematic program designed to provide insight and forge collaboration across the value chain
  • Market analysis and discussion specific to each pillar of gas monetization
  • A range of conference formats, including panels, onstage interviews and interactive polling sessions

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Timothy Sherwood, Managing Director, Southern Company
  • Sarah Stabley, Managing Director - Gas Supply Optimization & Pipeline Services, Duke Energy
  • Dave Schryver, Executive Vice President, American Public Gas Association
  • Bob Truman, Vice President, NAmerico Energy LLC
  • Carlo Barrasa, Marketing Advisor, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
  • Ajey Chandra, Vice President & Managing Director, Muse, Stencil & Co.
  • Ross Allen, Vice President - Business Development, Argus
  • Oliver Hatfield, Business Development, Argus

Why you should attend

  • Understand the needs of your buyer or supplier
  • Explore the development of natural gas demand over the next decade
  • Network and secure steady feedstock supply for the coming years
  • Get the information you need to capitalize on the abundance of US Natural Gas

Join us at the the only single market place for all downstream gas monetization avenues: power generation, industrial consumption, LNG, petrochemicals, methanol production and fertilizer production.