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Argus Consulting Services

Argus Consulting Services covers the full range of energy, petrochemicals, fertilizer, and metals markets. In addition to our project work, we also produce forecasts and outlooks for supply and demand, trade, costs and prices that provide the perfect complement to our price reporting. These publications contain detailed analysis and commentary in order to provide our clients the business intelligence that they need.

Crude oil

Argus has been reporting on crude oil prices for over 40 years and has an unrivalled knowledge of the market. The consulting team is responsible for Argus’ crude oil valuations and netbacks as well the price forecasts that appear in the monthly Crude Outlook publication. Our team has been involved with projects looking at crude storage and transportation, valuation and refining.

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Oil products

Argus produces over 20 refined products reports including many key industry and index prices. Building on these foundations, we maintain extensive proprietary databases on refineries, fundamentals and historic data that enable us to meet the many needs of our clients.

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Argus Consulting Services is a leading consulting authority on LPG and produces the Annual Statistical Review of Global LP Gas. The review provides information on market fundamentals that is respected throughout the industry and is indispensable to serious market participants. The team also publish the bimonthly Argus LPG World, providing deeper analysis on current developments and emerging trends as well as giving short-term price forecasts. We have completed a large number of LPG-related assignments in recent years, including strategy work for supermajors, due diligence for investment companies and feedstock studies for the petrochemical industry.

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Through our acquisition of DeWitt and Jim Jordan & Associates, our consulting team offers a full range of international petrochemical services. We produce market outlooks on a range of chemicals including benzene, butadiene, ethylene, hydrocarbon resins, MTBE, propylene, and toluene/xylene. These reports look at market trends with a 10-year supply and demand forecast, five-year history, and five-year forecast of global and country-specific production, capacity, utilization, supply and demand. Our project work has involved major feedstock studies, supply strategies, and market outlooks for a range of public and privately owned companies as well as some of the world’s largest NOCs.

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Natural gas

Argus gas prices are used in spot and term pricing, risk analysis and management, mark-to-market and strategic planning. The consulting team has been responsible for a range of projects on natural gas and LNG — not just looking at traditional flows and uses, but some of the emerging small-scale LNG users. Our team has also completed a number of gas-to-liquid (GTL) studies for large NOCs and potential investors in GTL plants around the world.

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Argus Consulting Services produces a wide array of strategy reports — and cost curves — covering ammonia, urea, sulphur, phosphates, potash, NPK and micronutrient markets. These outlooks examine major industry changes and their impact on the future shape of the sectors out to 15 years. They form the basis for many of our project assignments, which have included bankable feasibility studies, strategy projects and forecasts.

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Coal and petroleum coke

As the world’s leading coal and petroleum coke pricing agency, Argus has the data and expertise to advise on developments in this fast changing space. Our consulting team is responsible for the monthly coal forecast service as well as our long-term petroleum coke outlook reports. We have completed numerous project assignments on both of these products.

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Following the acquisition of Metal-Pages, Argus now provides market intelligence, news and benchmark pricing for over 80 minor metals, rare earths, ferro-alloys, base metals and precious metals. More than 230 individual proprietary prices are updated and published on a twice weekly basis. We currently publish outlooks on rare earths and tungsten, with new outlooks dealing with ferro-alloys and minor metals due soon. The outlooks provide fundamental analytical insight into supply, demand, trade and industry trends as well as 12-month price projections for all aspects of the market. The customised single-client reports that the metals team produces can be used for project development, feasibility studies, strategic planning, competitive evaluation and acquisitions, and commercial intelligence. Argus covers a broad range of metals in the minor metal and ferro-alloy sectors from antimony to zirconium.

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Argus produces the leading publications for the international wood pellet and wood chip markets. Our consulting team has completed numerous projects for a variety of clients looking to invest in the biomass market and provided forecasts of prices over the next 15 years.

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Argus runs regular webinars and presentations on subjects relevant to the international energy and commodity markets.

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