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Argus Crude; daily reporting on the global crude markets

An Argus market service - published daily

Argus ASCI assessment

Argus Crude reports daily on the global crude markets. Analysis and pricing for more than 80 different internationally-traded crude streams make this report a must-read for market participants.

The Argus Crude service is the only way to access the exclusive Argus Sour Crude Index™ (ASCI™) price and the Argus Condensate Index™ (ACI™) assessment. The ASCI price is used by Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait and their US customers for exports into the US.

The ACI™ price takes into account the Singapore delivered prices of two main condensate grades traded into Asia-Pacific, to provide a clear price point for anyone looking to sell condensate cargoes into the region.

Argus Crude is also the home of the ESPO Blend price assessment for Russian crude from the ESPO (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean) pipeline, which is sold eastwards, in the east Asian and US west coast markets.

Argus Crude now includes refinery netback tables for a wide range of crude grades. Assessed as both simple and complex refinery netbacks, grades are included from northwest Europe, Singapore and the US Gulf coast. To calculate the netback value of these key crude marker grades, Argus uses a linear programming model that simulates the operations of a refinery. The resulting netback margins indicate the incentive to refine more crude into products.

The new midday update available exclusively through Argus Direct now includes a new table showing Official Selling Prices. Argus Direct subscribers can also download the most up-to-date loading schedules for Russia and Caspian, West Africa and North Sea crudes.

Argus’ methodology reflects real trading behaviour and is developed in conjunction with the industry. Argus Crude also includes analytical commentary that explains the reasons behind price movements.

Quick Links

Learn more about the Argus Crude methodology

White Paper Argus WCS at Cushing

Download a sample copy

Markets Covered

  • US pipeline: LLS, Mars and ASCI grades 
  • Canada pipeline: Synthetic and WCS 
  • North Sea: North Sea Dated, Brent, Forties, Oseberg, Ekofisk, Statfjord cif Rotterdam, Statfjord fob platform, Gullfaks cif Rotterdam, Gullfaks fob platform and Flotta 
  • Russia-Caspian: Urals NWE, Urals Mediterranean (80,000t), Urals Mediterranean (140,000t), Azeri Light, CPC Blend, Tengiz, BTC, Azeri Light 
  • Russia-Caspian fob netbacks: Urals fob Primorsk, Urals fob Ust-Luga, Urals fob Novo (80kt), CPC fob terminal, Azeri fob Supsa, Urals Novo (140kt), BTC Ceyhan 
  • Mediterranean: Saharan Blend, Es Sider, Zarzaitine, Kirkuk, Basrah Light fob Sidi Kerir, Basrah Light cif Augusta, Basrah Heavy cif Augusta, Iran Light Sidi Kerir, Iran Heavy Sidi Kerir and Suez Blend 
  • West Africa: Bonny Light, Doba, Girassol, Hungo, Agbami, Amenam, Bonga, Brass River, Erha, Escravos, Forcados, Qua Iboe, Usan, Cabinda, Dalia, Kissanje, Nemba and Zafiro and Jubilee
  • Latin America: Vasconia, Castilla Blend, Escalante 
  • Mideast Gulf: Dubai, Oman, Murban, Upper Zakum, Qatar Land, Qatar Marine, Qatar Al-Shaheen, Banoco Arab Medium, Arab Light, Arab Extra Light, Arab Heavy, Basrah Light and Basrah Heavy
  • Asia-Pacific: Minas, Tapis, Northwest Shelf, ESPO Blend, Sokol, Duri, Cinta, Widuri, Senipah, Attaka, Ardjuna, Belida, Bach Ho, Sutu Den, Tapis, Kikeh, Labuan, Kutubu Light, Cossack, Enfield, Stybarrow, Vincent, Pyrenees and Van Gogh 

Key Features

  • Deal and bid/offer information
  • Market moving news
  • Market and price analysis
  • End of day summary report
  • Market-appropriate methodology


Anyone with exposure to crude prices will find the Argus Crude service essential. Our subscribers include traders, risk managers, planners, analysts, finance officers and senior executives at oil trading firms, majors, national oil companies, independent oil companies and refiners, as well as officials working for governments, regulators, tax authorities and exchanges.

Argus iPad App

Argus iPad app - dashboard
Download on App Store logo
The Argus app is designed for use with Apple iPad. The app provides instant access to prices, news and analysis. 

Subscribers can also access the current issue of Argus European Products and customise data in graphs.

Learn more about the Argus iPad app


Bulletin Boards

Argus operates a Bulletin Board for crude that shows information about bids, offers and deals done in both physical and paper markets.

Argus also operates Bulletin Boards for:

  • European gasoline
  • European fuel oil
  • European middle distillates
  • German diesel
  • German heating oil 50ppm
  • Heating oil 0.1pc sulphur
  • LPG

To request access, contact your local office
If you are already registered for the Argus Bulletin Boards, please log in here

Crude Netbacks

Argus has launched daily simple and complex refinery netbacks for a number of different crude grades in northwest Europe, Singapore and the US Gulf. The netbacks express the worth of a crude in terms of the value of products available from it.


Contact Us

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In August 2016, Argus started publishing a Chadian Doba crude oil price assessment in the daily Argus Crude report.

Read more about this new assessment

Pricing for opaque west African crude oil and products markets

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Join Argus at the only condensate and naphtha focused event in North America
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Join a senior audience of crude oil, risk and trading decision makers on 11-12 October, 2016 in Geneva.

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