Driving Discussions: Deep dive into the US downstream market

Author Argus

In this episode, Elaine Levin, President of Powerhouse, DC-based risk management and hedging organization, joins Argus’ Blendstocks Reporter, Jason Metko.

They discuss the current state of the downstream industry, and how the next few months will play out in the US crude, diesel and gasoline markets.


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05 April 2023

Driving Discussions Europe: Russian diesel keeps on flowing beyond EU/UK borders

Russian exporters are managing to sell their diesel just as before the sanctions were introduced last February 5th. So what is the new dynamic in the market?


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25 July 2023

Upcoming SPR refill boosts US sour crude prices

The price gap between US Gulf medium sour crude and light sweet crude is narrowing as the US purchases more supplies to replenish its Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR), and Opec+ continues to cut production.


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25 July 2023

The Crude Report: US SPR refill tightens sour crude spread to sweet in August

US sour crude grades included in the Argus Sour Crude Index have tightened their discounts to light sweet WTI Houston in August. The upcoming refill of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in August will see 3mn bl of US-produced sour crude returned to the Big Hill ...


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