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ARGUS Global Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Argus Global PVC is a weekly pricing service containing the latest resin price assessments, supply dynamics and demand information combined in a detailed commentary of key PVC grades and market fundamentals.

Utilised by the global PVC industry, this weekly service serves as an independent price reference to help you secure the most competitive prices in both contract and spot markets. You can negotiate contracts from a position of strength, better inform your annual contracting strategy and track supply chain risks.

This global service provides you with the most integrated view, by drawing on insight from across the Argus portfolio, including interconnected datasets from crude oil, naphtha, ethylene, chlorine, caustic soda, ethylene dichloride (EDC) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Through a combination of news, commentary and prices, Argus Global PVC enables you to make procurement and trading decisions with confidence.

Markets covered

  • Oil-related feedstocks – crude, naphtha, ethylene
  • Chlor-alkali – caustic soda, chlorine
  • Chlor-vinyl monomers – EDC and VCM
  • Global PVC markets – Suspension and paste grades


Key features

  • Detailed feedstock information on crude, naphtha and ethylene
  • Detailed overview of ECU and chlor-alkali market dynamics
  • Global chlor-vinyl pricing and fundamental information by country and region
  • Production and outage news [downloadable]
  • Polyvinyl chloride freight assessments
  • Weekly PDF report
  • Online access to Argus Direct for the latest insights

Key benefits

  • Global and local insights – a weekly global price report covering all the major regions
  • Complete and concise information – reporting from feedstock to PVC all in one place
  • Integrated data – from crude oil, ethylene, chlor-alkali and more
  • Make confident decisions – reliable prices and in-depth commentaries
  • Global insight through a local lens – Argus’ market experts are based in key commodity hubs in the US, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Asia-Pacific


Customers that benefit

Argus Global PVC provides prices used in a wide range of end-use industries. Below are examples of how clients use our service:

  • PVC producers involved in selling and distributing plastic resin
  • Distributors shipping product between regions
  • Traders taking advantage of pricing arbitrages
  • Large global convertors in the construction, automotive and packaging segments

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