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Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys are indispensable materials that serve a wide range of industries and applications. Their diverse properties, including strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and conductivity, contribute to advancements in technology, infrastructure, and manufacturing, making them essential for global development and progress.

Participants in the highly competitive metal alloy supply chain need to understand the key drivers and limiters that impact their business. Argus’ portfolio combines price data with daily news to deliver timely and actionable market intelligence across ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Market coverage

Non-ferrous alloys

Argus is the leading independent provider of market intelligence on non-ferrous metals with unrivalled price data across specialty, minor metals and rare earths. Those involved in the production, consumption, processing or trade of alloys rely on our market intelligence, especially when iron is not the dominant alloying element.

  • Alloy grade chromium
  • Alloy grade magnesium
  • Zinc secondary alloys
  • Over 43 Brass/bronze alloys
  • Over 15 aluminium alloys, including secondary and industry-specific grades
  • Waspaloy, Inconel, Hastelloy and Invar assessments


Ferrous alloys

As a benchmarker of steel and non-ferrous metals, Argus’ ferro-variant assessments cover different purities of non-ferrous alloy-grade metals that are crucial in the production of flat and long steel products. Explore Argus Ferrous Markets and Argus Non-Ferrous Markets to discover our price data and news on carbon, stainless, alloy and tool steel markets.

  • Ferro-boron
  • Ferro-chrome, charge chrome and chrome ore
  • Ferro-dysprosium
  • Ferro-gadolinium
  • Ferro-manganese and silico-manganese
  • Ferro-molybdenum
  • Ferro-niobium
  • Ferro-silicon and calcium-silicon
  • Ferro-titanium
  • Ferro-tungsten
  • Ferro-vanadium

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Argus ferrous and non-ferrous alloy solutions include global price data and market-moving news.