The polymers market is uniquely impacted by fundamentals like feedstocks, demand, sustainability drivers, trade, and new plant capacity increases. 

Global polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) supply and demand dynamics are in transition. Supply is increasing much faster than demand and international trade is shifting due to political and economic events. About 40% of the US polyethylene production is exported, mainly to Asian markets, whereas only about 10% of the polypropylene production is exported, mainly to LATAM markets.   

Ethylene prices in Asia and Europe are tied to naphtha whereas ethylene prices in the US are impacted by natural gas and ethane supply.  Asia is also self-sufficient on PP whereas they must import 25% of their PE demand.   

The impacts of other ethylene and propylene derivatives such as PVC or propylene oxide also require assessment.  

Our polymer experts will help you determine what trends to track and how to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing global markets.