Argus provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of the global ferrous and non-ferrous scrap markets, with over 1,000 prices assessed by a global network of highly skilled market experts.  

Argus’ strength lies in our ability to create appropriate methodologies for the trading dynamics of a specific spot market and to provide mechanisms for valuing scrap alloys.

Participants in the scrap industry rely on our extensive price data to act as an independent contract settlement mechanism, and use our powerful tools, like the Argus Alloy Calculator, to estimate the intrinsic value of highly engineered alloys.


Ferrous coverage

Argus offers a comprehensive regional view of the most active spot markets for ferrous scrap in regions around the world. Each price is available for direct comparison in multiple markets, with currency and unit of measurement conversions available to standardise charts and facilitate detection of favourable trade conditions.

Distinguished by either fob dealer or delivered to consumer inco terms, all prices are aligned with common industry specifications for that region. Explore the full list of scrap prices and specifications, including the length of history available on the Argus Metals platform for the grades assessed.

  • Bundles
  • Busheling
  • Foundry/specialty
  • Heavy melt
  • Machine shop turnings
  • Plate and structural
  • Shredded scrap
  • Tool steel
  • Stainless and super alloys
  • Alloy Calculator, where the current value of any alloy can be calculated by an intrinsic value formula in the absence of sufficient liquidity to produce a proper assessment


Non-ferrous coverage

Argus provides the full range of non-ferrous coverage from scrap price assessments on UBC, zorba, taint, tweak, and twitch products, as well as exchange data (30-minute delay LME and Comex prices are standard with Argus products) and global base metal premiums. Explore the full list of scrap prices in each non-ferrous category and visit the exchange data page to understand the unique value that Argus brings through its analysis of global exchange prices.

  • Aluminium prices
  • Aluminium alloy prices
  • Brass/bronze prices
  • Copper prices
  • Lead prices
  • Nickel prices
  • Stainless and alloys
  • Zinc prices
  • Alloy Calculator, including over 200 predefined common alloys
  • Exchange data


Highlights of North American coverage

Argus’ coverage of the North American scrap market focuses on spot market trading patterns within the most active regional domestic trading locations, as well as on export transactions. The full value chain is represented in the suite of Argus scrap assessments, from collected at yard to delivered to consumer prices:

  • 8 containerised scrap price locations
  • 14 consumer buying scrap price locations, including US and Canada
  • 8 export yard scrap buying price locations
  • 4 dealer selling scrap price locations
  • 139 regional US and Canada non-ferrous scrap yard collection prices
  • Prime and obsolete grades of scrap price assessments
  • Mill and foundry grades of scrap price assessments: Titanium, stainless and scrap alloy pricing
  • Southern US busheling and shredded weighted average assessments


Highlights of European coverage

Argus Scrap Markets provides context and intelligence to European domestic scrap markets to help steel mills, scrap suppliers, buyers and industrial manufacturers gain a greater understanding of the markets in which they operate. Argus produces over 50 European scrap prices assessments, including:

  • German domestic ferrous scrap prices
  • Spanish domestic ferrous scrap prices
  • Spanish imported scrap prices
  • UK domestic ferrous scrap prices
  • Russia, including St Petersburg, dockside price


Highlights of Asian coverage

Argus carries Asian scrap prices from a variety of mature scrap-generating markets, and provides insightful analysis of deep-sea trades and short-sea trades. Argus covers the full scope of steel mill purchasing activity for electric arc furnace-based production, including stainless and engineered steels, in recognition of the global nature of many steel feedstocks purchased by mills across the world:

  • Taiwan imported ferrous scrap prices
  • India imported ferrous scrap prices
  • Pakistan imported ferrous scrap prices
  • Bangladesh imported ferrous scrap prices
  • China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan imported aluminium scrap prices
  • China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan imported copper scrap prices


Argus carries a variety of global scrap prices in each of its three core products — Argus Scrap Markets, Argus Ferrous Markets and Argus Non-Ferrous Markets. To discover the combination of products that will provide the most complete coverage to serve your company’s needs, contact us for a consultation. Information about Argus subscription options can be found here.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.