As demand for semi-conductors, touch-screens and other highly engineered products continues to grow, manufactures rely on the Argus metals price data and reliable market intelligence to track volatility and specialty materials and manage their impact on production costs.

Argus covers electronic, light and high-temperature metals, as well as specialist alloys and rare earths, through Argus Non-Ferrous Markets, Argus Battery Materials and the Argus Rare Earths Analytics service.


Electronic metals

Argus delivers transparent price data, market news and analysis across base metals, minor metals and battery materials to allow downstream participants to achieve a sustainable supply of electronic metals and reduce their exposure to price risk, all while researching and tracking individual materials in their components.


Light metals

Argus is the leader in light metals price data and serves the most active consuming regions globally in aerospace, automotive and other highly engineered industries. Manufacturers of alloyed materials and light metals benefit from both primary and scrap material coverage in the Argus suite of products.



High-temperature metals

Some materials necessitate higher temperature and corrosion resistance beyond that offered by carbon steel, these often rely on a proprietary blend of alloyed materials. Argus worked closely with manufacturers to develop the Alloy Calculator tool, a one-stop solution for estimating the current value of raw materials in their specific composition to price even the most specific blends of alloys to be priced in primary and scrap form.


Highlights of specialty metals coverage

  • Independent reference prices for highly illiquid markets and niche materials
  • Brings transparency to markets with few global suppliers but increasing global demand
  • Exchange data with 30-minute delay standard and the option to add real-time
  • Twice weekly global bulk alloys, noble alloys and steel feedstock prices
  • Comprehensive global electronic metals price assessments
  • High-temperature metals price assessments, including full scope of tungsten coverage with optional short and long-term forecasting
  • Light metals including a suite of titanium and aerospace-grade price assessments
  • Rare earths prices assessments with short and long-term forecasts 
  • Electronic vehicle and aerospace raw materials coverage, including highly engineered components and structural materials
  • Coverage of supply chain issues, including demand, capacity, risks to responsible sourcing and supply
  • Alloy Calculator tool allows easy identification of cost implications for material substitutions in any alloyed metals
  • Synthetic prices can be created in the Alloy Calculator to provide material value in the absence of spot market assessments