07 September - 09 September 2022
In-person: Seattle, Washington, US

Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit

Key topics on the agenda


Inflation rates across the globe are soaring, pushing prices up in every area of the market. As an industry, it is crucial to understand the global economy to ensure the best deals are made and that planning for the future can be as accurate as possible. Attendees will learn about inflation rates, global GDP, the chances of a recession, and what implications these pose for the commodities market.

Coal ship

China has long been producer and consumer of its own petroleum coke, but recent times have seen China drastically increase their petroleum coke imports. There is little information available about where exactly this petroleum coke is going within China and the reasons behind its drastic increase in importation. Attendees will gain insight on these trends, along with a discussion on the stance China may take in regards to sanctioned Russian coal in the future.

Coal image

There is little understanding of what exactly the sanctions placed on Russia will mean in terms of their effects on the petroleum coke market. Restrictions on the trading of Russian coal will directly impact the pricing and market demand for petroleum coke, and it is essential that the market gains clarity on these sanctions, what they entail, and who they apply to in order to plan for the future.

Petroleum coke

Hurricanes and severe storms are having a devastating impact on the US petroleum coke industry, including causing refineries on the Gulf Coast to shut-in, disrupting shipping lanes, and rendering ports unusable. Not only this, but they are increasing in both frequency and impact. Hear from a meteorologist to understand the impact of hurricanes and future forecasts, and hear from refineries on what they are doing to mitigate the risks posed to their operations.

Coal surface mining

The petroleum coke and coal markets have never been so crucially woven together. It is essential for the petroleum coke industry to understand the coal market in terms of market competition and the implications that a surge of cheap Russian coal has for the petroleum coke markets in certain regions across the world. This session will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of coal markets and their relevance to the petroleum coke markets.

Metals markets

The battery and electric vehicle markets are growing at a rapid pace with their innovative use of anode-grade coke. Learn more about the use of petroleum coke across industries including metals and electric vehicles, how an increase in demand for anode-grade coke could affect supply demand trends, and explore the role batteries and electric vehicles could play in the future of petroleum coke trade as the world moves towards decarbonisation.


The agenda for the Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit will be announced soon.
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