23 April - 25 April 2024
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Argus Fertilizer Asia Conference

Sulphur Focus Day

Sulphur is a naturally occurring element with extensive applications in manufacturing across the world. When it comes to crops and fertilizers, Sulphur plays a vital role both as an ingredient in fertilizer production as well as being a vital nutrient essential for healthy crop growth. Sulphur bolsters the yield and nutritional value of crops, and is often viewed as the most important of the secondary nutrients for these reasons. Beyond its role as a crop nutrient, sulphur is also a vital intermediate for the production of  phosphoric acid, and by extension the production of phosphate fertilizers.

Around 68 million tonnes of sulphur is produced annually around the world with the Asia-Pacific region set to be a region of rapid growth in the coming years. Add the Sulphur Focus Day to your registration and join like-minded peers for key insights on the sulphur market and related commodities such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizers, metals demand for sulphur, and more.

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Why should you attend the Sulphur Focus Day?


Key topics on the Sulphur Focus Day agenda

  • How is the metals industry’s increasing demand for sulphur affecting demand and availability for the agricultural sector?
  • Argus views: what is the big picture for sulphur supply, demand, and pricing in 2024 and beyond?
  • Why is sulphur so important as a crop nutrient?
  • How is sulphur utilised as an ingredient in fertilizer manufacturing?
  • How are freight rates affecting sulphur trade, what impact is this having on buying patterns from key importers?
  • How are decarbonisation strategies being implemented by large-scale oil and gas producers expected to impact the production of sulphur?