19 October - 21 October 2020
Napa Valley, California, US

Argus Biofuels & Carbon Markets Summit

North America's leading biofuels, carbon and LCFS event


Thank you to everyone who attended the Argus Biofuels and Carbon Markets Summit 2019. The 2019 conference saw an impressive 25% growth in attendance due to new program topics including sessions focusing on sustainable aviation fuel, RNG growth and the future of EVs

Attendees included the refiners, fuels producers, utilities, automotive, state regulators, brokers and many others. 

Some of the key themes that were discussed at the event included clean fuels policies and future of renewable feedstock supply to meet increasing CI targets.

Next year’s program will expand coverage even further to learn more about other states’ clean fuels and low carbon programs and how they interact with California. 

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New companies registered for 2019 include:

BP | SoCalGas | GZ Energy | Enerkem | Petro-Diamond | Neste | White Energy | PowerEx | Searles Valley Minerals | Latham & Watkins | DTE Energy | Biotechnology Innovation Organisation | Gladieux Energy | Chevron | San Francisco Department of Environment | Sevana Bioenergy | Colorado Energy Office | Carbon Pulse | Kolmar Group | Vitol | Advanced Biofuels Canada | World Energy | Crimson Renewable Energy | Environmental Commodity Partners and many more 

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How is the LCFS changing and what is going to happen to the program on the federal level? What are the latest developments under the national RFS and what will be the impact on refiners and fuel importers? Is there enough renewable feedstock to meet clean initiative targets? Where is investment headed and what will make up the transportation fuels mix? How much funding will be allocated to EVs versus biofuels? What about the future of RNG – What new protocols will we see for LCFS projects?


What new clean energy developments are we seeing in states developing new carbon market programs and how might that impact California’s grid? What is happening in Ontario and how might Canada’s new federal program and carbon tax impacting trading? What new carbon offset projects are developing in the forestry and agricultural markets? What is the status of Oregon and regulations developing in the state?

This year's speakers include:

Richard Corey
Richard Corey
Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board
Debbie Raphael
Debbie Raphael
Director, San Francisco Department of the Environment
Tiffany Roberts
Tiffany Roberts
Director, Legislative and Regulatory Policy, WSPA
Samuel Wade
Sam Wade
Director of State Regulatory Affairs, RNG Coalition
Erin Cooke
Erin Cooke
Sustainability and Environmental Policy Director, San Francisco International Airport

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