18 October - 20 October 2021
Napa, California, US

Argus North American Biofuels, LCFS & Carbon Markets Summit


The agenda for the 2021 summit will be announced shortly. For the latest event updates, visit the website here.

If you would like to discuss speaking opportunities at the event, please contact melissa.chew@argusmedia.com.

Key topics on the agenda will include:


Latest developments and timeframes for existing LCFS programs in California, Oregon, British Columbia. Speakers will examine how these developments will affect demand for renewable fuels and compliance obligations for fossil fuel producers.


Washington state’s program is now on the horizon, and there remains strong interest to implement clean fuel standards in New York and the Midwest. Speakers will share insights on the progress and expected timeframes across the US.


How do each of the credit generators including renewable diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, renewable natural gas and sustainable aviation fuel compare from a technical, commercial and carbon intensity perspective? What factors are going to help or hinder future growth for different biofuels?


With the Standard due to come into force in December 2022, what impact will it have on biofuels market dynamics? What is next for British Colombia’s LCFS and how will it interact with the national program?

Vehicles on road

What is the future of used cooking oil and how can supply meet higher demand? What is the role of soybean oil in the biodiesel and renewable diesel markets? How does ethanol fit into the lower carbon world?

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As the growth of EV production and use is accelerating, speakers will evaluate the credit generation and carbon savings from using electricity for transport within LCFS programs and assess the impact on biofuels markets.