17 November - 19 November 2020
Virtual conference

Argus Biofuels Live - Virtual Conference

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Argus Biofuels Live - Virtual Conference provides a new and exciting way to connect with your market and drive sales. The marketing campaign will reach an elite audience of 120,000+ influential business leaders from across the Argus crude and oil products supply chain. Showcase your expertise, engage with global biofuels peers in real time and grow your network. Contact us to explore this new and unique opportunity to engage with your market.

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    Showcase your unique market expertise during a 45+ minute debate with contributions from industry leaders and Argus experts.
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    Connect with global biofuels professionals and Argus’ customer base via targeted promotions before, during and after the virtual event.
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    Arrange 1:1 or group meetings with biofuels professionals from around the world in a virtual meeting room.
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Key topics on the agenda

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An update from key industry players and regulators on the emerging policy picture in Europe, including short- and long-term outlooks for implementation of RED II directives and the impact of Covid-19 on governments’ ability to implement these. Will Covid-19 accelerate clean fuel policies in Europe or slow them down?


Assessing supply from critical feedstock suppliers from Asia, Indonesia and Argentina for European biofuel production. The global supply potential for UCO and waste fats given high incentives in Europe for waste feedstocks. How will policy evolve and provide opportunities for new feedstock development, and increase competitiveness in the market?

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Keynote address and discussion addressing LCFS pathway validation updates and verifications, future regulation amendments and assessing the impact of Covid-19 on the program. What are the key expectations and takeaways from lessons learnt as a result of the crisis?

Fuel pump into green car

Accounting for the fallout caused by the global pandemic for the biofuels market - what does this mean for the industry? Assessing government abilities to fund incentives and renewable fuels producers’ capacity for investments in alternative renewable fuels? How will the market build back - an opportunity to build back greener, and stronger?


Gaining insight into EU RED II’s spill over effect on Asia’s biofuels production and trade flows. Looking into the development of Malaysia’s National Biofuels Policy and the evolving role of biofuels will play. The implications of Indonesia’s B30 biodiesel policy and the push towards domestic consumption.


Accounting for the severe economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the global aviation industry and considering whether it is going to be able to afford cleaner policies. Is there a silver lining - will the industry be able to leverage this disruption to leverage wider commercialisation of SAF? What will be the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the CORSIA pathway baselines? Understanding changes on international policy points.