19 February 2021
Virtual Conference

Argus Bunker Fuels 2021: FSU and Global Markets

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The world bunkering market faced many challenges last year.

The industry transitioned to low-sulphur fuels to meet the International Maritime organisation’s (IMO) new requirements amid the global trade cut and decreasing trade flows. And falling marine fuel demand, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to a significant market transformation in seaports.

How did these factors influence the market structure? What was the impact on bunker fuel prices? How did supply/demand balance change? Alternative types of marine fuel, scrubbers, blending — which methods of meeting IMO 2020 requirements did the industry choose? What is the future of the bunker fuel market? What are the trends emerging in this segment?

We discuss these and other issues facing the industry in our online conference. The convenient format of the event allows participants to join discussions and communicate with international partners in individual and group chats.

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The conference agenda includes:

  • Results of introducing new IMO-2020 requirements, compliance with new legislation
  • Global bunker fuel market (Asia, northwest Europe, Mediterranean)
  • Russian bunker market: 2020 results, new types of fuel, pricing environment, offers and sales volumes. Industry taxation changes, peculiarities of accepting excise tax deduction
  • Alternative types of marine fuels. Russian LNG bunkering market formation prospects.
  • Regional bunker markets: the Caspian
  • Trade flow landscape changes. Port infrastructure development projects
  • River segment of the bunker market: Logistics infrastructure, sales volumes and pricing
  • Sulphur fuel oil: Profitability, prospects for using scrubbers
  • Methods of analysing new types of fuel.

We will make every effort to ensure that online participation is not inferior to your personal presence at the event.


Nigel Draffin, Board of Directors, Hon Treasurer, IBIA
Nigel Draffin, IBIA
Board of Directors, Hon Treasurer
Stefka Wechsler, Marine Fuel Analyst and Editor, Argus
Stefka Wechsler
Marine Fuel Editor and Pricing Analyst, Argus
Arthur Richier
Arthur Richier, Vortexa
Lead Freight Analyst
Микель Каннегаард, управляющий директор, Европа, Monjasa
Mikkel Kannegaard, Monjasa
Managing Director Europe
Alexander Beday, Customer Service Manager, VPS
Alexander Beday, VPS
Customer Service Manager

Conference Highlights:

Fuel traders

Fuel traders will be interested to hear about changes in the supply and demand balance

River bunker

River bunker operators will find out about the size of the Russian bunker market and bunker developments in the Caspian region

Freight/passenger transportation companies

Freight/passenger transportation companies will learn about the marine fuels offered by Russian suppliers

Fuel traders

Fuel producers and refiners will find out about the methods used to ensure that marine fuels conform to modern standards and new methods of calculating the excise tax on middle distillates

Marine bunkering operators

Marine bunkering operators will learn about the profitability of scrubbers for shipowners and key marine trade flows

Freight/passenger transportation companies

Financial institutions and investors will hear about the potential of using LNG for bunkering at Russian ports