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Argus Crude Live - Digital events that address the most important issues

This series will deliver specialised content on and insights into the challenges and opportunities facing global crude and oil products markets. The podcasts and webinars will bring together the unique perspectives of market leading companies and individuals and will also offer critical insights from Argus experts. Contact us today to explore how you can get involved with this unique digital series.


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Trading screen

Argus-Vortexa Data Science Insights

July 2020 | Available on demand

As trading desks shift from traditional discretionary strategies to a data driven approach, join this free webinar to explore the role predictive analytics can play in this. Can the power of predictive tools really help trading firms halt the erosion of profit margins and recapture their information edge over rivals? 

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Argus-Vortexa Data Science Insights: Presenters

Vlasios Voudouris
Vlasios Voudouris
Chief Data Officer, Argus
Co-Founder and CEO, Vortexa
Fabio Kuhn
Co-Founder and CEO, Vortexa
Cetin Karakus
Cetin Karakus
Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP

Read our exclusive Q&A with Cetin Karakus, BP

Ahead of the Argus-Vortexa Data Science Insights webinar we spoke to Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP, about predictive analytics and the best place to use it in the oil and gas industry.

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Oil tanker

Argus-Vortexa Floating Storage Insights

Watch this on demand webinar from July 2020 to hear Argus, Vortexa, Moda Midstream and Teekay Tankers explore how the drastic drop in crude demand has led to near capacity, onshore and offshore storage and has forced the market to look at creative storage options including pipelines, floating storage and railcars.

Episodes in the digital events series include:

  • The future of crude and products markets

    Insight on the state and future of the crude and products markets.
  • Global biofuels markets

    How are the various regions adapting to the current environment?
  • Bitumen markets update

    Dive into regional market dynamics and market impacts for Europe, Asia and North America.
  • The energy transition post Covid-19

    How might the traditional petroleum industry shift and will we see an increased push for renewable fuel sources?

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