04 May - 06 May 2020
Washington DC, US

Argus East Coast Biofuels & Emissions Conference

Demystifying transportation fuels policies in the Northeast market

A movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector is gaining traction across the nation.
Twelve Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have formed a consortium known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) in order to reduce emissions from the transportation sector.
The inaugural Argus East Coast Biofuels & Emissions Conference will address these climate initiatives and bring together state regulators, government, fuels producers, marketers, traders, retailers and others across the transportation industry for in-depth discussion on upcoming climate legislation, renewable energy investment, the impact of new regulations to the industry and the path forward to developing regional fuels emissions policies across the northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Your most pressing questions answered, including:

  • What is the competition for biofuels?

    What will be the role of electric, renewable diesel and biofuels in the transportation fleet? What infrastructure is in place to support growing demand?
  • Compliance

    Explore what compliance might look like and how state policies may vary
  • Who are the obligated parties?

    Who are the obligated parties and what are the various compliance scenarios and options?
  • How will programs vary across state lines?

    Learn how state policies vary and how might programs link with other regional and federal policies?

Who should attend?

  • Government and state regulators
  • Refiners
  • Traditional fuels producers, distributors, retailers and wholesellers
  • Biodiesel, renewable diesel, ethanol, RNG, CNG producers and marketers 
  • Brokers and traders
  • Pipelines, terminals, storage
  • Banks, investment and financial firms
  • EV manufacturers and fleets
  • Renewable energy tax and legal advisory

What is the timeline for implementation?

What are the next steps to developing a model rule? When might the various programs realistically roll out?