27 March - 28 March 2018
Legendale Hotel Wangfujing Beijing

Argus Ethanol China 2018

Argus Ethanol China 2018 will take place from 27 to 28 March in Beijing

As one of the biggest gasoline consumers in a fast-growing automotive industry, China plans to implement a nationwide E10 mandate by 2020 as part of efforts to control emissions. Beijing is looking to hit its blending targets while reducing ethanol imports and achieving self-sufficiency through the development of ethanol plants

Join us as we explore the feasibility of China’s ethanol expansion plans, the impact on global trade, accessibility of first-generation as well as waste-based feedstock, refinery expansion plans and a technical outlook on cellulosic ethanol production

We look forward to welcoming you to Argus Ethanol China 2018 on 27-28 March in Beijing for two days of intensive discussions and networking.


Why you should attend

  • China is the most attractive hot spot for ethanol after its nationwide E10 policy plan. Be the first to gain information on global impacts and industry participants’ arrangements following the policy
  • Showcase and discuss technological updates with ethanol production. As China is looking to build on ethanol refineries, what are the most cost-effective latest innovations available?
  • Two days of networking robustness. Expect to connect and communicate with major ethanol producers, traders, agricultural representatives and refiners

Topics to be discussed

  • Extension of China’s emissions control goals to the alternative fuels industry
  • Ethanol feedstock landscape: Choices and ethanol produces
  • China’s plan for alternative production methods, feedstocks and new refineries
  • Global ethanol outlook and direction
  • Will domestic production be sufficient for China’s growing transportation fuel appetite?
  • Use of MTBE versus ethanol as blending components for gasoline
  • Technical study of ethanol production: New market innovations for effective and cost - efficient manufacturing

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Confirmed Speakers

Andy Zhou
Andy Zhou
Director, Biorefining - APAC, Novozymes
event speaker default
Evelyn Li
Market Development Manager, Huntsman Polyurethanes
Clarence Woo
Clarence Woo
Executive Director, Asian Clean Fuels Association (ACFA)
event speaker default
Paul Kreter
Director of Fuels Marketing, Marquis Energy
event speaker default
Tomasz Parzybut
Ethanol Trader, Raizen Trading

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