04 October - 05 October 2022
In-person: Geneva, Switzerland

Argus European Crude Conference – Geneva

Key topics on the agenda


As Europe continues to push for more energy independence, how will this affect crude supply, demand, and trading dynamics? How have crude trading dynamics and pricing been affected by sanctions on Russia? Are we looking at the potential return of Iranian crude to global markets and can Opec stabilise a volatile market?

Trade flows

What regional supply sources have stepped up to the plate to help fill the gap? How long will US producers hold to their capital discipline? Will Africa take on a new role on the global supply stage? What is the near-term outlook for European products demand and is the industry prepared for the next disruption? With supply and demand trade routes shifting, how have freight rates and global arbitrages been affected?

globe image

What opportunities exist in the marketplace for carbon-neutral crude? How can the industry properly evaluate the impact of carbon offsets and how is the market regulated? With the transition to zero-emission shipping, what does that mean for the global crude tanker markets?


What are the wider implications of high LNG prices and inflation? With interest rate hikes, how will increasing costly trade finance affect the market? With the growing importance of ESG considerations, how can the market navigate the shifting winds in financing? Are specialist funds getting a bigger slice of the pie now?


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