14 September - 15 September 2023
Istanbul, Turkey

Argus Fertilizers 2023. Caspian, Black Sea and Eastern European markets Conference

Argus invites you to take part in the Argus Fertilizers 2023. Caspian, Black Sea and Eastern European markets conference, to be held on 14-15 September 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The conference is the largest international event of its kind in the region, bringing together a range of key participants, including producers, trading and transportation companies, infrastructure owners, shippers, exporters, logistics operators, finance companies and technology providers from across Europe, Asia and Africa. 

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The fertilizers market went through numerous changes, price fluctuations and transport challenges last year, with tighter export and transit restrictions affecting logistics and pricing.

The volatility of fertilizer prices and logistical constraints have created uncertainty for producers and transporters alike, forcing them to minimise risks — sometimes to the detriment of consumers.

Rising production of nitrogen fertilizers in the Caspian region — possible because of reliable access to feedstock natural gas— has allowed manufacturers to ensure products can reach export markets. At the same time, the region has been overcoming logistical challenges by building new terminals and specialised transshipment facilities, while expanding the capacity of railways, seaborne transport and ports. Trading companies are introducing new tools to deliver vital products to consumers all over the world.

In Istanbul, attendees will address key themes for the coming years — the products, volumes and delivery methods that will define Caspian and Black Sea exports.

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The agenda includes the following:

  • Current trends in the global fertilizer market
  • The fertilizer market situation in eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria)
  • Changes in trade flows of fertilizer exports from the Caspian and Black Sea region
  • The urea market in Caspian, Black Sea and Mediterranean countries
  • Turkey as a new hub for fertilizer exports
  • New logistics infrastructure at Caspian and Black Sea ports
  • Development of rail transport corridors, competition from road transport
  • Container and multimodal transportation of fertilizers — new opportunities for suppliers
  • Green fertilizers
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