13 November - 15 November 2023
Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg, Germany

Argus German Transportation Fuels Conference

Compare all fuel options for Germany, in one place, at one time

Your opportunity to explore various roadmaps to decarbonisation. Attend this industry gathering to explore all fuel solutions in cutting vehicle emissions and meeting carbon goals. 

Your meeting place to secure your diesel deals - rebuild a market with security of supply  

 Finalise your contacts and secure your supply for the future. Bringing together buyers and sellers, this is your opportunity to hold in-person meetings and close deals.  

Collaborate on delivering a decarbonisation strategy  

Germany’s clear vision to utilise e-fuels in the internal combustion engine (ICE) beyond 2035, together with the approved use of HVO now at the pump, adoption of REDII and REDIII proposals, the need for CO2 reduction revisions, and the ongoing questions over Euro 7 – means there is no better time for the industry to come together for collaboration and networking.

This three day conference is designed to delve deeper into Germany’s solution to decarbonisation and the role various fuels will play in the overall carbon neutral strategy.


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German Transportation Fuels Survey

Market survey on the German transportation fuels market

Deadline to submit your answers is Wednesday 7 June. Argus is currently putting together an industry eBook that will visually highlight trends in the German transportation fuels market. The survey is made up of 6 short questions and will only take 5 minutes to complete. Your answers to this survey are confidential and will not be passed onto third parties. By completing the survey, you’ll be the first to have access to the results. The answers will also shape the discussions at the conference.

Hear decarbonisation strategies from:

Olaf Rumberg, CEO, E.ON Gas Mobil
Olaf Rumberg
CEO, E.ON Gas Mobil
Zoltan Elek
Zoltan Elek
CEO, Landwärme
Maximilian Ruhe, Managing Director, Ruhe Biogas
Maximilian Ruhe
Managing Director, Ruhe Biogas
Andreas Mundel, Senior Vice President Strategy & Operations Programs, Deutsche Post DHL Group
Andreas Mündel
Senior Vice President Strategy & Operations Programs, Deutsche Post DHL Group
Mats Hultman
Mats Hultman
Head of OEM Partnerships, Neste

Event highlights


Learn how new regulations on diesel and gasoline are changing market dynamics and the push towards alternative fuels to help decarbonise the sector


Explore strategies from end-users on reaching CO2 reduction goals, which will drive new partnerships, infrastructure investments and technological innovations

Hydrogen pump

Whether your business is in HVO, e-fuels, hydrogen, diesel, gasoline, methanol, ethanol, bio-LNG or AdBlue – this even brings together supply chains to explore new ideas and places your business at the heart of the future transportation industry


How far along is the technology to achieving scale across future marine fuel alternatives? Which fuel has the most advanced technology to date?

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