30 June 2020
Online conference

Argus Oil Products Market 2020: Global Challenges

The second online conference «Argus Oil Products Market 2020: Global Challenges» will take place on the 30th of June at 2pm Moscow time (GMT/UTC+3).

The first half of 2020 forever will be remembered for the unprecedented global products demand decline. The consequences of Covid-19 pandemic hit a lot of companies, including producers, traders, wholesale buyers and retailers, cargo carriers and shipowners. Meanwhile, turbulence persists and continues to affect world products demand. We invite you to join the conference and discuss online the new realities which market participants are facing, expectations for the second half of the year, threats which should be considered and the new prospects to pay attention to.



Gazprom Neft Trading GMBH


Josefine Ahlstrom
Josefine Ahlström
Vice-President European Business Development, Argus
Kornienkov Alexey
Alexey Kornienkov
Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development Department, Gazprom Neft Trading
Andrew Matters
Andrew Matters
Deputy Chief Economist, IATA
Grazvydas Bajoras
Grazvydas Bajoras
Business Development Director, iFUEL
Representative, The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

Key points to discuss:

  • Products demand amid crisis. View from Europe
  • Russia's refining industry and its prospects in the period of turbulence. State regulation of the market
  • Russian products exports: current situation and expectations
  • Central Asian products market: domestic markets, export outlets, pricing mechanisms
  • Asia-Pacific demand recovery prospects 
  • The future of air transportation market and jet demand
  • Refining industry in the new reality
  • Trade flows diversification amid crisis: forces behind and new directions. Cutting production or obtaining space for surplus storage?
  • The prospects of crude and products storage at sea terminals, petroleum depot and rail tanks. Benefits and weak points. Economic and technological features.


Benefits of Argus Online Conference

  • market drive

    Markets analysis and forecasts from world-leading experts
  • accurate contract agreements

    Opportunity to ask any of the speakers and get the answer online
  • reduce risk

    Access to the complete set of materials from the online briefing