24 March - 25 March 2021
Online event

Argus Green Ammonia Live - Virtual Conference

One agenda - regional and global perspectives

Argus Green Ammonia will deliver critical updates from this rapidly evolving space, as industries find themselves looking towards goals of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

  • What will regulation look like?
  • What do buyers need to see in the market?
  • How will the market for green ammonia be scaled up?

These are just a few of the key questions the conference will seek to tackle with perspectives from regulators, project developers, producers, and many more in both the up and downstream in our presentations and panel debates all of which will be followed by Live Q&A.

The agenda will be announced soon.

Key topics on the agenda

Virtual image

Hear from industry leaders across the fertilizer, power and bunker fuel markets discussing the current state of the green ammonia supply chain, the sectors that will ultimately drive the growth of green ammonia and where cross-sector growth opportunities lie.


All markets require suitable regulation to ensure fairness and opportunity, this session will provide an overview of key regional developments in the creation of regulatory frameworks to help shape the green ammonia market, namely in APAC and Europe. We will ask the very important of what now and how will pathways for market development be created?

Part of the crux in unlocking the current cost curve for green ammonia will be to improve the scale at which electrolysis can be done to increase capacity of green hydrogen production. All these questions and more to be discussed by those advancing the technology and working on solutions for the market.

blue ammonia

Covering the idea that blue ammonia may have a place as a bridge between existing grey ammonia and the future of a green ammonia market. Key questions will include is the shift to green inevitable? Will the carbon credentials of blue ammonia incentivise people to use ammonia as a fuel?

bunker fuel ship

Hear from industry experts on how green ammonia may serve as an energy carrier for connecting supply and demand for hydrogen. Related question to focus on whether the traditional hold of the ammonia market will remain in the fertilizer industry or expand beyond that to fuel and power.


Gain insight from experts in the maritime industry on how they view need for standards in the market, and how the IMO may be supporting this move. In addition to tackling the need to create an attractively price solution for the maritime industry and how location will be central to plans for expanding green ammonia potential in this space.