07 December - 09 December 2021
Online event

Argus Green Ammonia Live - Virtual Conference

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  • Regulatory policies in Japan, Singapore and Australia: Creating viable pathways for green ammonia Panellists include: Shigeru Muraki - Representative Director, Clean Fuel Ammonia Association
  • What are the possible pathways for green ammonia within carbon neutrality goals? How will this impact market players?
  • Supporting scalability and price competitiveness for green ammonia market creation
  • How will regulatory framework for disruptive technologies allow them to compete with the incumbents?

Moderator: Andrea Valentini, Principal - Consulting Services, Argus

Panellists: Shigeru Muraki, Representative Director, Clean Fuel Ammonia Association (formerly Green Ammonia Consortium)

Matt Walden, Investment Director, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Ng Yi Han, Acting Director - Innovation, Technology and Talent Development, Maritime and Port Authority - Singapore (MPA)

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  • 06:00 CET
  • The market for green ammonia today: an overview and where to next? Andrea Valentini - Principal - Consulting Services, Argus
  • What is the potential size of the market for green ammonia and what is its development timeline?
  • What are the main challenges for green ammonia uptake? Renewable energy supply: regional hotspots for renewable energy
  • Potential trade flows for the future: new opportunities beyond fertilizers, towards energy and transportation?
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  • 09:00 CET
  • Financing and Infrastructure for Green Ammonia Projects and Market Development: Key Questions Panellists include: - Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, ING Bank
  • What are the most likely green ammonia applications for investment in the medium term?
  • What are the key regulatory requirements to get investments going?
  • Who will be the first players active in green ammonia? Who will finance them, how, when and under what terms?

Moderator: Neil D’Souza, Principal – Projects, Consulting Services, Argus

Panellists: Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australia/South Asia, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

Frederic Lucenet, Global Head of Industry, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Bert van der Toorn, Managing Director, Energy Sector - Hydrogen, ING Bank

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  • 11:00 CET
  • Keynote Panel: Building a Green Ammonia Market fit for supporting the Energy Transition Panellists include: - Yara International, InterContinental Energy, Fertiberia and more...
  • What is the current state of the green ammonia supply chain?
  • Which sectors will drive the growth of green ammonia?
  • Cross-sector growth opportunities in a hydrogen economy

Moderator: Ruth Sharpe, Editor – Ammonia, Argus


Sacha Thacker, Chief Strategy Officer, InterContinental Energy

Magnus Krogh Ankarstrand, President Yara Clean Ammonia, Yara International

David Herrero Fuentes, Chief Operating Officer, Fertiberia

  • 11:30 CET
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  • 12:30 CET
  • Creating a level playing field for green ammonia using regulatory frameworks Panellists include: - Fertilizers Europe, FCH JU, European Commission & Lloyd's Register
  • Where is policy emerging?
  • How will Europe implement hydrogen and Green Deal strategies? What are the possible pathways for green ammonia? How will this impact market players

What needs to happen now?

  • Supporting scalability and price competitiveness for green ammonia market creation within a hydrogen economy framework
  • How will regulatory framework for disruptive technologies allow them to compete with the incumbents?

Moderator: Trevor Brown, Executive Director, Ammonia Energy Association


Jacob Hansen, Director General, Fertilizers Europe

Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)

Andrea Gentili, Acting Head of Low Emission Future Industries Unit, European Commission

Matthew Williams, Principal Specialist, Strategic Regulatory Projects, Lloyd's Register

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  • 15:00 CET
  • Demand side Panel: What do buyers need to see to make the switch to green ammonia? Panellists include: Berit Hinnemann - Senior Innovation Project Manager, Technical Innovation, Maersk
  • What price might consumers pay for green products
  • How will consumers be motivated to pay for this product? (regulatory pressure? Investor pressure? Product price?)
  • Offtake guarantees for projects: pathways for green ammonia use in single vs. multi-use applications – how will this be supported by regulatory frameworks?

Moderator: Oliver Hatfield, VP, Business Development, Argus


Berit Hinnemann, Senior Innovation Project Manager, Technical Innovation, Maersk

Attilio Pigneri, Founder & CEO, Hydrogen Utility

Renate Krammer, Head of Innovation, Uniper

  • 16:00 CET
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  • 17:00 CET
  • Developing large scale water electrolysis – technologies for the advancement of the green hydrogen value chain Dr. Andrei Zschocke, Senior Business Development Manager - thyssenkrupp

Panel Discussion: Electrolyser scalability and speed of technology advancements: At what rate can electrolyser capacity be scaled up and costs driven down?

  • Improving operational ratio improving the economics to ensure commercialisation possibility for green ammonia

Moderator: Tim Cheyne, VP, Business Development, Argus


Andrew Dickson, Development Manager, Asian Renewable Energy Hub, CWP Renewables

Dr. Franziska Blindow-Prettl, CEO, Planet Power Finance

Cosma Panzacchi, Executive Vice President Hydrogen Business Unit, SNAM

Dr. Andrei Zschocke, Senior Business Development Manager, thyssenkrupp

  • 17:15 CET
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  • 18:00 CET
  • Roundtable with thyssenkrupp: Roundtable with thyssenkrupp: Challenges and opportunities in new green ammonia market Led by Tobias Birwe & Dr. Andrei Zschocke - Head of Sales Fertilizer and Methanol & Senior Business Development Manager, thyssenkrupp
  • Hurdles to developing green ammonia market and what needs to be implemented to maximise these opportunities
  • How does blue ammonia affect green ammonia development?

Join our Host sponsor thyssenkrupp and your fellow global conference attendees at this exciting Roundtable providing you with an opportunity to network and discuss the emerging opportunities in the green ammonia market. Get in touch with the conferences team to find out more.


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  • 19:00 CET
  • Where to start? Adapting ammonia plants for green ammonia production vs. new builds Panellists include: Nicolas Knudsen - Senior Director, Haldor Topsoe
  • Hybrid vs. new builds: the near term and long-term solutions
  • Moves toward making green ammonia OPEX and CAPEX competitive: outlooks for renewable energy supply and electrolyser scalability
  • Using artificial intelligence and big data analysis for an effective transition

Moderator: Ruth Sharpe, Editor – Ammonia, Argus


Denis Thomas, Global Business Development Leader, Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies, Cummins

Cédric Philibert, Associate Research Fellow, Centre for Energy & Climate, IFRI

Nikolaj Knudsen, Senior Director, Haldor Topsoe

  • 19:00 CET
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  • 20:00 CET
  • Blue ammonia’s role in the transition towards green ammonia in a hydrogen economy Panellists include: - Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, Nutrien, Equinor and KAPSARC
  • Does blue ammonia have a place as a bridge between grey and green ammonia?
  • Is the shift to green inevitable? How long will the blue ammonia market last?
  • Will the carbon credentials of blue ammonia incentivise people to use ammonia as a fuel?

Moderator: Stephen Crolius, President, Ammonia Energy Assocation (AEA)


Tue Johannessen, Head of Maritime Application and Viability, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping

Jitendra Roychoudhury, Research Fellow, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)

Ashley Harris, Senior Director, Environmental Performance and Innovation, Nutrien

Henrik Solgaard Andersen, Vice President Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

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  • 06:00 CET
  • Power Generation in Asia: Green Ammonia’s role in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 Panellists include: Akihiko Taniguchi - Executive Officer Global Partnerships, JERA
  • An assessment of Japanese, South Korean and Chinese plans to achieve carbon neutrality using hydrogen by 2050
  • Australia: a hub of green ammonia production for export – government, policy strategy and new project development
  • Challenges and opportunities: applicability to co-firing in coal plants, improved transportation efficiency, realising large-scale production and securing stable supply

Moderator: Andrea Valentini, Principal - Consulting Services, Argus

Panellists: Bunro Shiozawa, Senior Associate, Sumitomo Chemical (Innovation Strategy Coordinator, Energy Management, SIP)

Akihiko Taniguchi, Executive Officer Global Partnerships, JERA

Eiji Ohira, Director General, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Office Advanced Battery and Hydrogen Technology Dept., NEDO


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  • 10:00 CET
  • Green Ammonia as Part of a Matrix solution for the Future of Marine Fuels Panellists include: - Euronav, Yara International, Lloyd's Register and Environmental Defense Fund
  • Standards for the market: a robust regulatory framework from the IMO for 2050 goals?
  • Realising economies of scale: creating an attractively priced solution for the maritime industry
  • Location, location, location: infrastructure and proximity to existing storage facilities – plans for expansion?

Moderator: Nicolas Ganas, Business Development Manager - Oil Products, Argus

Panellists: Hugo De Stoop, CEO, Euronav

Rob Stevens, Director Ammonia Energy and Shipping Fuel Climate Neutrality, Yara International

Charles Haskell, Decarbonisation Programme Manager, Lloyd's Register

Aoife O’Leary, Director, Environmental Defense Fund

  • 10:30 CET
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  • 11:30 CET
  • Engine Technology Innovation for the Future: Designing an Engine in the 2020s for 2050 carbon-neutrality goals Panellists include: - MAN ES, Wärtsilä and Argus
  • What are the possibilities and options seen so far for ammonia engines?  Two stroke vs ICE?
  • What are shipowners’ considerations for converting to ammonia-powered engines?
  • Where will there be the most uptake in use of ammonia fuelled engines?

Moderator: Will Collins, Editor - Freight, Argus

Panellists: Kjeld Aabo, Director New Technologies, MAN ES

Kaj Portin, GM Sustainable Fuels & Decarbonisation, Wärtsilä

Ulrik Andersen, CEO, Golden Ocean Management

  • 12:00 CET
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  • 13:00 CET
  • Market synergies for ammonia supply? Potential future interactions between the fuel, power and fertilizer sectors Panellists include: - Proton Ventures, Trammo
  • Connecting supply and demand for hydrogen: The benefits of green ammonia as an energy carrier
  • Will ammonia producers for fertilizers, also become fuel producers? Is the fertilizer market a real market for green ammonia?
  • Which sector will develop fastest and in which part of the world?

Moderator: Andrea Valentini, Principal - Consulting Services, Argus

Panellists:  Hans Vrijenhoef, CEO, Proton Ventures

Inti Serrano, Head of Green Ammonia Projects, Trammo



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  • 15:00 CET
  • What is a European infrastructure that supports ammonia’s adoption as a fuel in the energy transition? Panellists include: - SNAM, DESFA and Engie
  • Energy infrastructure fit for supporting the energy transition – onshore/offshore solutions?
  • Production, transportation and cracking of ammonia: energy and cost management challenges
  • How might ammonia adoption in Europe develop?

Moderator: Ruth Sharpe, Editor – Ammonia, Argus 


Dina Lanzi, Head of Technology Development Hydrogen BU, SNAM

Panagiotis Panousos, Energy Transition Manager, DESFA

Camel Makhloufi, Power2X R&D Program Leader & E-Fuel Key Program Co-Manager, Engie

Knut Nyborg, CEO, Aker Clean Hydrogen (Zero Emission Energy Distribution at Sea Project (ZEEDS)

  • 16:00 CET
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  • 17:00 CET
  • What is a decarbonised fertilizer and what value-add does it bring to the fertilizer consumer? Panellists include: Joacim Christiansen - SVP Sustainable Food Ecosystem, Yara International
  • How to produce the most effective ‘green’ fertilizers whilst maintaining cost competitiveness? How may carbon capture play a role in curbing emissions?
  • What are the most suitable types of fertilizer for green ammonia application? Which can be most easily converted?
  • What is the value of the carbon footprint effect on the food production chain, and what is the value farmers and food industries can find?

Moderator: Oliver Hatfield, VP, Business Development, Argus

Panellists: Tobias Birwe, Head of Sales Fertilizer and Methanol, thyssenkrupp

Joacim Christiansen, SVP Sustainable Food Ecosystem, Yara International

Jean-Luc Pradal, Director General, Fertiberia France

  • 16:00 CET
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  • 16:45 CET
  • Roundtable with Lloyd's Register: Navigating new fuel dynamics Led by: Sean Van Der Post and Charles Haskell - Head of Global Projects and Decarbonisation Hub Manager, Lloyd’s Register

Join our Knowledge partner Lloyd's Register and your fellow global conference attendees at this exciting Roundtable discussing how renewable energy can be linked into cleaner fuels for the future. 

'Power-to-X: linking renewable energy into clean fuels'

For shipping, a major shake-up around fuel supply came with the January 2020 global sulphur cap on marine bunkers, which posed significant questions around the availability, supply and price of compliant fuel and forced shipping to assess alternatives. Having risen to that challenge, the industry must once again review its fuel options as the industry addresses its share of greenhouse gas emissions and the ambitions of its regulator, the IMO, in halving these from their 2008 levels by 2050. However, the industry is a small player in overall energy use. Unlike aviation, there won’t be a special fuel just for shipping and any fuel pathway shipping progresses down will likely have major competing demand from other sectors. This will force a rethink for shipowners and operators in their planning and purchasing decisions and is likely to impact their operational strategies but they are not the only stakeholders who will have to do things differently. Future fuel providers will have to engage with a new client base with different demand and supply criteria. The decade ahead will be one of decisions as supply chain participants grapple with a myriad of possible solutions in the drive to zero-carbon shipping. This session will evaluate the risks and opportunities for the parties involved and the possible impact on fuel markets, technology and trade patterns.


Following a brief opening from Sean on the investment in both renewables and Energy Transition, the discussion will centre on:

  1. Is there a ‘one size fits all’ solution for international shipping. Do you think one technology is likely to win out?
  2. Commodity markets are likely to change significantly with much more ability to produce e-fuels at the point of the demand versus fossil fuels – How will this change the shape of the international shipping fleet?
  3. Oil & Gas investment looks set to continue as significant pace through the recovery – What does this mean for shipping?

Get in touch with the conferences team to find out more about this opportunity to network and interact with fellow conference participants. 

  • 18:00 CET
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  • 19:00 CET
  • Round-up Panel: The strategic importance of green ammonia in the transition to a hydrogen economy and how might this be achieved? Panellists include: - Ammonia Energy Association, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Office - US Department of Energy and more...

A session that will look to round up the various discussions across the two days of the conference. 

Moderator: Oliver Hatfield, VP, Business Development, Argus

Panellists: Trevor Brown, Executive Director, Ammonia Energy Association

Grigorii L. Soloveichik, Program Director & Senior Advisor, ARPA-E & Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Office, US Department of Energy

Jitendra Roychoudhury, Research Fellow, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)

Dr Dolf Gielen, Director - Innovation and Technology Centre, IRENA