23 May - 25 May 2022
In-person: Hilton Rotterdam, The Netherlands & Online Access

Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference


The Argus Green Marine Fuels conference will be looking to deliver critical updates from this rapidly evolving space, as the shipping industry seeks to convert its fuels to zero-carbon solutions over the next 30 years, including key milestones for GHG emission reductions in 2030 and 2050.  If you would like to discuss speaking opportunities, please contact conferences@argusmedia.com

Key topics that will feature on the agenda:

  • IMO Regulation: How quickly does it need to catch up? How can the IMO help the global shipping industry reach 2030 and 2050 goals? What is missing?   
  • EU Fit for 55: What are the implications for the global shipping market? How will carbon pricing mechanisms be implemented and impact the bigger picture of the energy transition? 
  • Argus views: Pricing considerations and current outlooks comparing to the traditional market 
  • Pathways: What progress has been made on pathway mapping for alternative fuel production and onboarding? Where are low-carbon fuels already being used? What projects are in the pipeline? Deep dive into different fuel solutions 
  • Technology: How far along is the technology for future applications of marine fuels? 
  • Ports: how are they positioning themselves to support the energy transition? What can they already do and what is changing?  
  • Engine developments for different fuels: which are the most advanced? What are the different considerations to consider for different fuels? Avoiding stranded assets: financing questions – the possibility of retro-fits vs. new-builds?  
  • Safety considerations: how to ensure safety of fuels when being bunkered?