01 January 1


Key topics:

  • Trends in the global crude and oil products market after Covid-19
  • Transfer pricing: changes in tax legislation in 2021
  • Results of the year and trends in the oil products market in Kazakhstan and central Asia in the first half of 2021
  • Rail transportation of oil products, gas, dry bulk in the region
  • Situation in the Russian domestic market for oil products. Prospects for the supply of oil products to Kazakhstan and central Asia
  • Development of the oil products and gas market in Uzbekistan: new projects and points of growth
  • Prospects for oil products exports from Turkmenistan.


Aset Magauov
Aset Magauov
Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
William Harwood
William Harwood
SVP, Eurasian Crude & Products, Argus
Rauf Guseinov
Rauf Guseynov
Senior Editor of Argus Caspian Market/Argus Caspian Transport publications
Kuanysh Kudaibergenov
Kuanysh Kudaibergenov
Director of Oil Industry Development Department, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Svetlana Novolodskaya
Svetlana Novolodskaya
Head of LPG and Petchem group (FSU), Argus
Charyguly Yuvshanov
Charyguly Yuvshanov
Operations Department Manager, Turkmen Petroleum
Зияш Киякбаев
Ziyash Kiyakbaev
Director of the Department of Gas and Petrogaschemical Industry, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Ruslan Gabbasov
Ruslan Gabbasov
Managing Director, Sary-Arka Airport

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