19 November - 20 November 2020
Moscow, Russia

Argus LPG Moscow

Argus Media invites you to take part in the Argus LPG Moscow 2020 conference, to be held on 19-20 November in Moscow, Russia.

Now in its 15th year, the event will be attended by representatives of the largest liquefied gas producers, importers and traders, along with government officials, delegates from shipping companies and terminal operators.

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The Argus conference is an international business platform, enabling participants to expand their list of business contacts, negotiate and conclude deals, and access exclusive information on the LPG market.

The ban on mass events in Moscow has been lifted by the decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated 9 July 2020. However, some restrictions on intercity and foreign travel are still in place. In the current environment, we are pleased to offer a new format of events combining face-to-face and online participation.
In addition to personal attendance, you can now join the conference from any place that suits you. The isolation has helped us to learn the true importance of meeting in person, but the online format of an event allows expanding the audience to an unlimited extent by connecting participants from around the world.
We will make every effort to ensure that you can maximize the use of different formats.

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Key topics for discussion include:

  • Changes in global LPG consumption trends
  • European LPG market - challenges and prospects
  • Latest development trends in the FSU and European LPG markets
  • Exports of Russian LPG to China - market trends, new transshipment opportunities
  • Central Asian LPG market
  • Outlook for rail transportation of LPG in the FSU and lease rates for gas tankcars
  • Feedstock supplies for the Russian petrochemicals industry
  • Outlets for Russian LPG - key destinations and changes

Over 250 delegates from Russia and the FSU, eastern and western Europe, the Caspian region, Middle East and east Asia attend the event annually.

For more information about the event please contact our conference department:
+7 495 933 75 71

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