22 September - 24 September 2020
Virtual conference

Argus Petcoke Live - Virtual Conference

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Argus Petcoke Live - Virtual Conference provides a new and exciting way to connect with your market and drive sales. The marketing campaign will reach an elite audience of 68,000+ influential business leaders from across the Argus petroleum coke and generation fuels supply chain. Showcase your expertise, engage with global petcoke peers in real time and grow your network. Contact us to explore this new and unique opportunity to engage with your market.

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Four reasons to sponsor Argus Petcoke Live

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    Thought leadership

    Showcase your unique market expertise during a 45+ minute debate with contributions from industry leaders and Argus experts.
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    Extended reach

    Connect with global petcoke professionals and Argus’ customer base via targeted promotions before, during and after the virtual event.
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    Live interaction

    Arrange private 1:1 or group meetings with petcoke professionals from around the world in a secure virtual meeting room.
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    Generate leads

    Connect with potential clients who browse your branded exhibition space and host video meetings with delegates.

Your new sponsorship opportunities at Argus Petcoke Live

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Key topics on the agenda

Covid-19 image

Against the backdrop of a global energy transition, Covid-19 caused a sudden and dramatic collapse in the consumption of oil and oil products, as well as a decline in economic activity around the world. In this session, panellists will discuss how consumer behaviour, economic pressure, environmental pressure and company strategy will impact the fossil fuel industry over the coming months and years.

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How is LNG competing with coal in Asia power generation? What impact will this have on coal demand and price? What impact will the Indian government’ push on coal gasification have on coal competitiveness vs. fuel grade petroleum coke? How are emerging players around Asia viewing their fuel buying decision? Where is the potential for greater fuel grade petroleum coke consumption?


A lop-sided Chinese Covid-19 recovery? Will a swifter Chinese recovery and a relaxation of US tariffs cause a short squeeze in the green petroleum coke market? What does the economic rebound from Covid-19 and the associated rise in aluminium and steel consumption look like? Will we see a rise in tariffs and protectionist behaviours across nations as they look to rebuild post-Covid?


How have Covid-19 measures and restrictions impacted rates and insurance? How have arbitrage opportunities been impacted by the volatility? Have IMO 2020 and Covid-19 brought about a lasting a structural change in freight?

Trade flows

Now, more than ever, and for the coming years, understanding how commodity prices are moving and, more importantly, why, is critical to business planning. Argus will pull together its global, cross-commodity insight to ensure that you know how and why petcoke is moving and provide you with the tools to understand how this will develop in the coming months and years.

Petroleum coke

Inside the refinery: What impact do changing crude slates and throughputs have on refineries? How adaptable are refineries to volatile or dropping demand in certain refined products? Was IMO 2020 a false start? Is IMO 2020 and Covid-19 a real black swan moment for refineries?