18 February 2022
In-person: Moscow, Russia, InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya & Online Access

Argus Russian Coal 2022. CIS and Global Markets

The conference programme will cover forecasts for Russian coal exports to Europe, southeast Asia and north Africa. Participants will discuss the main achievements of Russian coal exporters during the global economic recovery in 2021, and analyse the risks and new challenges they will face in promoting and strengthening Russian coal’s position in the global market in the near future. Speakers will pay special attention to global climate issues, such as the EU’s planned introduction of a cross-border CO2 tax and its potential impact on the Russian coal industry.

Participants will also discuss the modernisation of Russia’s railway infrastructure, its progress in eliminating the bottlenecks that limit eastward coal exports, and the ongoing construction of new coal export ports.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Forecasts for Russian coal exports to Europe, southeast Asia and north Africa
  • Will Russian coal producers manage to keep their positions in export markets?
  • Pricing in coal markets, key factors that drive changes in prices for coal exports
  • New infrastructure projects
  • Current state of railway infrastructure
  • Freight rates for coal transportation
  • Relationship between coal suppliers and energy companies. Challenges of tender auctions
  • Improving the environmental safety of the industry: new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, prospects for transition to carbon-free energy
  • Project financing and investment attractiveness of the industry


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