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ARGUS Strategy Report: Ammonium Sulphate

Our brand-new strategy report focuses on ammonium sulphate — also referred to in the industry as amsul and AS — a commodity fertilizer used as a source of nitrogen and sulphur for crops (21N+24S).

With growing agronomic demand for ‘sulphur as a nutrient’, ammonium sulphate has a key place in this delivery, whether it is directly applied, blended or used as a feedstock in the production of more advanced N+S products or NPK+S.

Produced by the relatively simple reaction between common chemicals ammonia and sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate emerges as a by-product of a wide variety of industrial processes — including caprolactam, coke-oven gas, flue-gas desulphurisation and many more — all of which are explored in this report, as are potential sources of supply.

Key market trends analysed

  • The impact of current and future growth in Chinese caprolactam capacity
  • Outlook for the premium for large-diameter product, for example large crystals
  • Conversion of ammonium phosphate plants to synthetic ammonium sulphate
  • Environmental and sustainability issues, including the circular economy, carbon footprints and EU legislation

Key benefits

  • Understand the long-term trends for ammonium sulphate.
  • Discover how producers and their marketing partners maximise the price achieved for their product.
  • Develop more robust strategies to enter the ammonium sulphate and associated industries, and how to optimise trade.
  • Enhance your modelling and reporting with the underlying data used by Argus consultants for their long-term strategic analysis and bespoke projects.

Key features

  • Forecast pricing, production, consumption, capacity and trade data for 2021-34
  • Historical pricing, production, consumption, capacity and trade data for 2010-20
  • Description of all key production routes, and capacity by source:
    • Synthetic production (‘on-purpose production’)
    • Caprolactam (‘caprolactam grade’)
    • Coke-oven gas (‘coking/steel grade’)
    • Flue-gas desulphurisation (‘emissions/power grade’)
    • Metals processing/extraction
    • Methyl-methacrylate (‘MMA grade’)
    • Acrylonitrile
    • Other processes (for example, phosphogypsum, cyanuric acid, MEKO and other textile fibres)
  • Specifications of competing sulphur-containing products
  • Access to the expert consultants behind Argus’ long-term market analysis
  • Over 100 pages, with more than 30 tables and almost 50 charts and figures

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