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ARGUS Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Argus’ extensive new strategy report on enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) is essential reading for industry professionals seeking to understand and assess their options in a high-value, complex and rapidly developing sector of the fertilizer market.

Although EEFs have been used for much of the past 50 years, their use has been principally confined to high-value crops, turf and ornamentals. But EEFs are now spreading quickly into mainstream general agriculture — cereals and industrial crops — thanks to the emergence of new urease inhibitors and cheaper polymer coating technologies.

The drivers for growth in EEFs in general agriculture are environmental as well as economic: nitrate pollution and legislation may in many cases still be localised issues. But reduction of nutrient loss and obtaining maximum crop quality and yields by careful and exact fertilization contribute to a compelling commercial proposition.

The EEF sector promises further rapid change, both technically and commercially, as companies position themselves to exploit new opportunities to add value and capture growth. In this new report, Argus provides essential insight into market drivers, players and products, and regional supply and demand, to allow readers to evaluate and develop their own entry and development strategies.

Key benefits

  • Understand and survey the markets for coatings and inhibitors
  • Gain insight into EEF supply and demand in major markets
  • Gain knowledge of EEF technologies and their agronomic relevance
  • Recognise the drivers of demand and future growth
  • Survey the main producers and their products
  • Assess and formulate your company’s own potential to enter the EEF market

Key features

  • Analysis of nitrogen fertilizer demand
  • Coverage of global environmental and agronomic issues
  • A detailed examination of EEF product types and producers
  • Overview of EEF production technology
  • Analysis of current international supply and demand trends across North and Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa
  • The supply and demand outlook

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