Speciality and regional fertilizers prices, forecasts and analysis

Speciality and regional fertilizers prices, forecasts and analysis

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Argus Phosphate Rock Analytics

ARGUS Speciality Fertilizers

Understand the different sectors of the speciality fertilizers market, the key products in each sector, and the major players and their strategies.

Aargus Micronutrients

ARGUS Micronutrients — the Key to Growth

Learn about the outlook for different micronutrients, demand growth and the economics of incorporation — everything you need to understand the value of entering this market.

Argus Potash

ARGUS Water Soluble Fertilizers

Get detailed coverage of this highly profitable, fast-growing sector, including insight into key producers, global capacities, demand and distribution.

Argus Fertilizer Europe

ARGUS Fertilizer Europe

Published fortnightly, access leading information and pricing for the domestic European fertilizer market, covering all major fertilizer commodities with more than 40 price assessments.

Argus Fertilizer Brazil

ARGUS Fertilizer Brazil

Get detailed coverage of Brazil’s four main trading regions, with 47 key price assessments and analysis of opportunities, trade and price trends.

Argus North American Fertilizer

ARGUS North American Fertilizer

Offering you detailed coverage of North American fertilizer markets, including more than 45 price assessments and barge freight assessments to 17 river destinations.

Argus Ammonia

ARGUS North American Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid

Offering you weekly intelligence on pricing and developments for North American sulphur and sulphuric acid markets, as well as insight on related industries including crude, natural gas, phosphate fertilizer, copper and ethanol.

Argus Phosphate Rock Analytics

ARGUS Russian Fertilizer Netbacks

Access price assessments for fertilizers in the Russian domestic market, along with industry news and analysis of supply and demand.

Argus Sub Saharan African Fertilizers

ARGUS Fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Explore this rapidly growing market with in-depth coverage of available resources, market analysis for nitrogen, phosphate, potash and NPK fertilizers, and detailed country studies.