ARGUS Strategy Report: Water-Soluble Fertilizers – 2022 update

As the global population grows and becomes more economically prosperous, growers must extract greater yields from their arable land. At the same time, the balance in the crop production mix is shifting from grains and cereals towards meat, fruits and vegetables. These trends place increasing pressure on growers to achieve higher yields from deteriorating soils – often in water-scarce conditions – while under pressure to reduce fertilizer use due to environmental concerns.

Growers’ use of modern micro/drip irrigation — often in combination with protected cropping systems like polytunnels or modern greenhouses using substrates — enables farmers to increase yields dramatically while losing less water and fertilizer to run-off, evaporation and volatilisation. High solubility and high purity water-soluble fertilizers provide the optimal crop nutrition solution as they dissolve easily into fertigation systems without clogging the infrastructure, supporting this growth in micro irrigation.

Argus’ new strategy report provides essential water-soluble fertilizer market data and insight, supporting you to successfully navigate this profitable and fast-growing sector.

Key benefits

  • Understand the drivers of demand and future growth
  • Gain insight into consumption trends
  • Survey the main producers and their capacities by region
  • Harness the growth potential of this premium sector
  • Evaluate your company’s route into the WSF market

Key features

  • Individual chapters devoted to each of six largest products by value:
    NOP, MAP 12-61, calcium nitrate, soluble SOP, MKP and water-soluble NPK
  • Market drivers analysis
  • Tariffs and regulation review
  • Financing and margins insight
  • Assessment of market size and growth
  • Production process and capacity/production
  • Traded volumes and imports/exports by region
  • Consumption by region, country and application
  • Historical pricing analysis
  • Premium analysis vs bulk benchmarks
  • Grade premium analysis
  • Price forecast

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