Net Zero Transition podcast series

Net Zero Transition podcast series

Globally, there has never been greater focus on non-fossil fuels and the transformation of economic activities to reduce their impact on the environment. At Argus, we know that every major enterprise will play its role in the transformation towards a net-zero economy. Through our insight, expertise, market intelligence and reach across all sectors of the worldwide economy, we are helping businesses to reduce emissions and move with confidence towards a net-zero future.

In our Net Zero Transition podcast series, Tim Hard, Senior Vice President, Energy Transition at Argus is joined by senior industry leaders to discuss issues and themes, including development of ammonia, (e)methanol, hydrogen and other future fuels which are shaping the industries and societies around us.

Argus podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher, and the Argus Blog.

Net Zero Transition

16 November 2023

Net Zero Transition: Biomass Markets – EU’s Renewable Energy Directive for the biomass market

Listen to Argus expert John Cooper and Bioenergy Europe's Irene di Padua as they discuss the opportunities and challenges of the EU's Renewable Energy Directive for the biomass market.


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31 August 2023

Net Zero Transition: Storage and Movement of Hydrogen: Is Compression the Solution?

As pipeline infrastructure build-out takes time, can compression offer solutions for both movement and storage? Hydrogen needs to be moved from point of production to point of use.


Europe Global Net zero

10 August 2023

NetZero Transition: Heavy Duty Hydrogen Mobility.

Tevva is a UK firm producing zero-emission trucks. Harsh Pershad, head of government partnerships joins the podcast to discuss range, efficiency, economics, obstacles to deployment and effective support for the sector.


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21 April 2023

Net Zero Transition: Pyrolysis - Policy and Production routes

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is deploying low-carbon technology solutions around the world.


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23 March 2023

Net Zero Transition: Knitting the hydrogen value chain together

Dr. Sebastian Vogel, RWE’s head of hydrogen joins the Argus podcast to discuss salt storage caverns, the GET H₂ electrolytic project, European funding and project timelines, ammonia terminals, the ongoing H₂ vector question, offtakes & US expansion.


English Global Net zero

22 December 2022

Net Zero Transition: Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers

Hydrogen gas is diffuse, making transportation out of pipelines impractical. This poses a particular barrier to trans-oceanic hydrogen trade, where the race is on between competing technologies, each aiming to be the ‘carrier’ of choice in the hydrogen economy.


Net zero English Key prices Oil products

30 November 2022

What were the key developments and outcomes from Cop 27?

Argus had a team of editors and reporters on the ground in Sharm El Sheikh for Cop 27 – this podcast draws on this coverage and provide a review of the key developments and outcomes from the conference.


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17 November 2022

NetZero Transition: Cop27- Focus on Hydrogen Supply Chain

Timo Bollerhey, Managing Director at Hint.Co GmbH / H2Global joins Tim Hard, SVP Energy Transition at Argus, to discuss development taking place at COP27 and the funding surge at H2Global.


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12 August 2022

Net Zero Transition: Coal, Hydrogen & Ammonia

While Western coal consumption trends see temporary reversal, policy aims at cessation. As some producers look toward gasification with CCS, is decarbonised ammonia rising up traders agenda?


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