Energy and commodity prices significantly impact the mining industry, affecting the cost of extraction, processing and transportation. The economic landscape for miners is further complicated by global geopolitical events, the energy transition and ongoing supply constraints. It is crucial to understand how these factors impact the true-to-market value of the ores and minerals you are mining.

Our coverage of metals, refined oil products and energy markets will guide you through these unique challenges and help you to identify and seize time-sensitive opportunities. From traditional ferrous and non-ferrous metals to rare earths and specialty metals combined with coal, energy, transportation fuels, base oils and greases, our portfolio of prices, news and analysis enables you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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Our dedicated team of industry professionals are close to local markets, so you benefit not only from precise pricing data, but the breadth of market intelligence at their fingertips. Data alone - no matter how accurate - is not sufficient.



The unique market insights that out clients benefit from are founded upon proven methods. Our methodologies for price discovery are transparent and firmly based on rigorous market-appropriate processes.



For over 50 years, clients have benefited from the precise market intelligence delivered by Argus experts working collaboratively across the global commodity markets.