Electric power generation is changing. The demand for decarbonisation and the drive towards net zero is increasingly leading to a more diverse energy mix. As the energy transition continues to unfold and new clean energy policies are introduced, more pressure is placed on the power generation industry.

To truly understand the complex and opaque electric power markets, it's essential to have access to data and intelligence that's interconnected across all commodities. At Argus, our coverage of natural gas, LNG, coal, hydrogen, renewables, biomass, and petcoke is fully integrated, which means we have a unique advantage in operating across the complete energy mix and sharing knowledge between each commodity and region. This results in providing you with the most accurate and dependable insights available Argus is committed to delivering benchmark price assessments, the latest market-moving news, in-depth analysis, supply and demand fundamentals, price forecasts and forward curves data on the power generation markets that matter most to you.

The Argus advantage


Our people

Our dedicated team of industry professionals are close to local markets, so you benefit not only from precise pricing data, but the breadth of market intelligence at their fingertips. Data alone - no matter how accurate - is not sufficient.



The unique market insights that our clients benefit from are founded upon proven methods. Our methodologies for price discovery are transparent and firmly based on rigorous market-appropriate processes.



For over 50 years, clients have benefited from the precise market intelligence delivered by Argus experts working collaboratively across the global commodity markets.