Argus Data Help and Support

Argus Data Help and Support

Data help and support

Argus data are available as either a data file specific to a product, for example Argus Crude, or as a customised historical data collection. Regular files are updated with the same frequency as the report they are based on.

The files contain coded numerical data to represent the commodity and contract information along with price and dates. The dictionary of these codes can be found under documentation.

Argus also provides subscriber documentation files for Forward Curve datafeed in CSV format. Learn more here.



Should any inaccuracy or omission be discovered in the data published, a correction may be published in the next scheduled data file where that correction applies. Corrections over six months' old may not be published in the regular data files. You may also search and view published corrections online by date. More information on the Argus corrections policy can be found on the corrections page.

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See corrections



We constantly improve our services to reflect changing markets. Any changes to data content are announced by email or published online

Data documentation

View all the latest subscriber documentation files in CSV format.