The Argus China sulphur cfr full range price assessment is a key global price and Argus publishes the assessment on a weekly basis. The range is reflective of molten, crushed lump and granular sulphur business concluded on a spot basis. The bottom end of the assessment represents the lowest achievable molten sulphur price in the country whilst the top-end represents the highest achievable granular sulphur price, which is traditionally concluded in the north/river area of China.


Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus China sulphur cfr full range price assessment?

China is the world’s biggest sulphur consumer and importer highlighting the significance of this cfr price.

How is this assessment used?

The assessment is widely referenced and used in formulas by producers, traders and end-users alike as it is an important global reference point for the wider granular, molten and crushed lump sulphur markets.