Argus Eurobob is the benchmark for the gasoline market in Europe.

The switch to Eurobob gasoline was prompted by mandates requiring Europe’s transport fuel pool to contain a minimum share of biofuels. The Argus Eurobob price assessment is used to price gasoline swaps and physical deals as well as for clearing and settlement through exchanges.

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus Eurobob oxy gasoline price assessment?

The Argus Eurobob oxy gasoline price assessment is used as a benchmark price in gasoline transactions throughout northwest Europe. Eurobob is an unfinished gasoline, and the European swaps market shifted to price against this ethanol-ready blendstock in January 2010. It is the most liquid European gasoline assessment and is the market’s standard reference.

How is this assessment used?

Users of the Argus Eurobob oxy gasoline price assessment include refiners, traders, logistics providers, analysts, governments and financial exchanges. The price assessment is used in supply contracts, financial products, transfer pricing agreements and more.

Key price assessments

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