In a transformed diesel market, only Argus publishes the independent price assessments that reflect today’s trade flows. Our European diesel price assessments capture a range of cargo sizes and destinations in Europe, enabling you to navigate the market, manage risks and make well-informed decisions.

Imported cargoes in a range of 90-100kt:

  • Argus diesel 10ppm LR2 cif ARA (PA0037627)
  • Argus diesel 10ppm LR2 cif West Med (PA0037628)

Imported cargoes in a range of 30-60kt:

  • Argus diesel 10ppm cif ARA (PA0035655)
  • Argus diesel 10ppm cif West Med (PA0036419)

Exported Handysize cargoes 30kt:

  • Argus diesel 10ppm fob ARA 30kt (PA0000857)

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus European Diesel 10ppm price assessment?

Argus is the first and only price reporting agency to provide the benchmark prices that capture the reality of today’s diesel market. These prices are independently market assessed and bolstered by the Argus Open Markets platform, on which companies place bids and offers to initiate trade.

Together, the Argus diesel LR2 cif ARA and the Argus diesel fob ARA prices provide a clear view of the value of diesel in Europe. Users of these price assessments can operate in confidence, whether buying, selling, trading or analysing the market.

Argus Open Markets for European Diesel

Bringing even more transparency to the market, Argus Open Markets (AOM) for European Diesel provides a platform for companies to place bids and offers and to initiate trades, allowing you to see the market as it develops in real time. This information is also used to further inform Argus diesel price assessments.

How to access Argus European diesel prices

Argus European price assessments for diesel imported into Europe are published daily in Argus European Products. This service features independent price assessments and expert analysis, to better understand how the distillate markets are developing.

How is this assessment used?

Argus price assessments are trusted and used by diesel market participants across the supply chain:

  • Traders — Connecting diesel suppliers with buyers across and within regions
  • Refineries — Needing a fair value of diesel to understand how to maximise value for their refineries and the economics to underpin their production decisions
  • Producers — Companies attempting to sell their diesel into Europe, both from further afield and within the region
  • Analysts — Needing a pricing tool that better reflects the new market dynamic
  • Risk managers — Needing to limit or remove financial risk as the diesel market in Europe and globally further transforms
  • Procurement managers — Buying diesel for their businesses at a fair price that reflects market realities
  • Sales and pricing managers — Needing fair and reflective price levels in supply contracts to set when selling diesel downstream

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.